Lucy Morton

For Lucy, dancing is simple: “It’s all about the magic that happens between the music and the two people dancing.” Having come from a musical—rather than a dancing—background, Lucy disagrees with the idea that dancing is “in the blood”: she believes it’s something that anyone can learn if they find the passion.

The style that ignited this passion in Lucy was ballroom, but for almost ten years each, the world of Swing and Salsa became her life. This passion has seen her travel the globe, dance on film, and become the founding captain of Cambridge University’s Salsa Society. Some of her dancing achievements include competing at a national level in 1920s Solo Charleston, Partnered Blues, and in Partnered and Solo Salsa. In 2015, she placed third in Australia at the World Salsa Solo Competition. Lucy teaches the full range of Phoenix classes, with a special affinity for the Street Latin curriculum.

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