Wedding Dance Tips

First of all…Don’t panic.

Do you want it to be fairly simple but stylish and intimate? Maybe you want to really stun your guests with the most amazing, jaw-dropping routine that they’ve ever seen? Perhaps you don’t really know what you want yet and need some guidance?

Our instructors have the experience and skills to help you put together a wonderful and unique wedding dance, whatever direction you wish to take.

Time Frame.

Depending how ambitious you are feeling, for a 2 – 3 minute choreographed routine for the bride and groom then 5 – 10 lessons will usually take care of it. If you are thinking of something grander or longer, perhaps involving the wedding party or using a few different pieces of music, then you will almost certainly need a bit more time and practice.

What music to use?

You can use practically anything. Our instructors have a good understanding of dancing and are able to make the dance fit the music. The most important thing is that it’s your choice of music, don’t worry about what you think is expected, pick something that you like.

How we can help you.

We are passionate about making dancing simple and honest for everybody to pick up and enjoy. We will teach you how to understand the music, the rhythm and the movement and how they all fit together. Our instructors are able to draw upon the techniques and tools from a wide range of dance styles to help you learn what you need to know for your wedding dance.

Start dancing.

There are two ways that you can get started. We can arrange for a FREE consolation with one of our instructors to make sure that you’re happy to go ahead with the lessons OR if you know that this is something that you want to do, you can skip the consultation and just get started right away with your first programme.

If you feel that you need more wedding dance lessons after this, you are able to purchase individual sessions to add some extra polish to your wedding dance.

If you have a little more time and wish to explore some of the other dances we can offer you, speak to your instructor, and they will arrange for you to attend our group classes and one of our dance functions at no extra cost.


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