We all love to dance, that’s why we are here. Tom and Miriam opened Phoenix Dance Studio in 2010 with a passion to make dancing simple and honest for everybody to pick up and enjoy. They also believe that if you’re going to learn something, you should learn it right.

We teach you how to understand the music, the rhythm and the movement and how they all fit together so that you dance anywhere with anybody.

Dancing is a language used all over the world, it is universal. Learn to dance well, then you can have the most amazing times wherever you go, no words needed.

At Phoenix Dance Studio, we focus on teaching certain dance styles but understand dancing in a broader cultural context. Tango to Tap, Ballroom to Ballet to Breaking,  there is something to get excited about wherever and whenever someone is dancing well and loving it!

We have a fabulous team of professional dancers here at Phoenix that we are immensely proud of. All of our instructors are passionate about dancing and realise that it is dynamic and constantly changing, they know that there is no single formula or only one way to learn. Because they have a broad background knowledge in different dances they are therefore able to draw on techniques and insights from a variety of styles when helping you with your dancing.

We usually assume that you’re happy with your regular instructor, but if you ever want a session with someone different just to get a different perspective, simply talk to your instructor or one of the managers and we can arrange that for you.

Phoenix Dance Studio is always looking for talented and motivated dance instructors. If you think this is you then get in touch.

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