Styles from around the World.

Knowing about where a dance comes from can inspire you.

Understanding the music, the culture, the flavour and the soul of your favourite dances lets you feel all the more involved in it. You don’t have to become an expert in the history of dance, but every piece of knowledge helps you to appreciate what you are doing and enjoy it even more.

All the dance styles that we teach at Phoenix Dance Studio have their origins in a specific place and time but they have then grown and travelled around the world, uniting people who love to have a good time. These dances continue to evolve as they are encountered by new cultures but never completely lose their roots.

You’ll be surprised what dances pop up as you go around the world. The biggest Swing dance festival in the world is held annually in Sweden, Germany is crazy for Tango and Bruce Lee was the Hong Kong Cha Cha Cha champion!

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