If you want to be a good dancer, then there is no substitute for private dance lessons.

There are lots of advantages to private dance lessons. They are individually tailored to you, factoring in where you are at with your dancing, what styles you want to focus on and how you learn best. On top of all that, with our highly skilled instructors you will learn more easily and with an attention to detail that you can only get from private lessons.

You can take private dance lessons:

  • As an individual and dance with your instructor.
  • As a couple and dance together with the instructor guiding you as you go.
  • As a small group of friends learning the dances that you like together.

On the dance floor.

We have a big space and a beautiful floor that allows your dance lessons to feel sociable and friendly without ever being crowded.

When dancing it’s important to have the right footwear, and while you don’t have to have dance shoes right from the start, make sure that you are wearing something secure and comfortable on your feet.

Start dancing.

Book your first lesson today and start dancing.



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