Melbourne’s own world dance studio

Real dancing for real people.

Ready to dance… book your first lesson now with our new client first lesson discount!

30 minute private dance lesson for $49.

Come on your own (we’ll dance with you!) or with a partner (you can dance together and we’ll show you how it works). You can try any of the dance styles we teach. If you’re a beginner or you’re not sure, we’ll recommend the best place to start.

You can dance in your kitchen, on the beach or in a club. Dance at a street party or in the grandest ballrooms from Rio to Rome and everywhere in-between.

Dancing is your passport to enjoy yourself wherever you go.

Here at Phoenix Dance Studio we wish to share with you dances from around the world: Salsa from the bars of Havana, Tango from the salons of Buenos Aires, Waltz from ballrooms of Vienna, Swing from dance halls of Harlem and that’s just getting started.

At our dance studio here in Richmond, Melbourne we teach all levels, whether you are an absolute beginner or have been dancing for years and want to improve on what you already know, we can help you.

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