The English Tango is a strong, energetic and passionate dance style in its own right. It travels around the floor, as all the ballroom dances do, but with a staccato rhythm reflected in the steps and head movements.

The English Tango, or Ballroom Tango does originate from the Argentine Tango. When the exciting new dance came up to North America and over to Europe from Argentina it was a sensation in the ballrooms and nightclubs. No one had seen anything like it.

What you have to remember is that this was before YouTube, Television and even movies with sound, so once the performing dancers and musicians moved on there was no way for anyone to check what the new dance craze should look or sound like, no way to revise. People in North America and Europe went dancing in Ballrooms where large orchestras played, thus having a very different feel from the cafes and salons of Buenos Aires with their intimate spaces and groups of three or four musicians. From this a natural evolution not only of the dance style but the music that it was danced to gradually occurred.

What came out of this process is the English Tango that we recognise today. All forms of dance (and it could be argued, all forms of art) evolve or die. This dance style is a great example of one way in which this evolution can happen.

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