At Phoenix Dance Studio we have a whole range of social functions and dance parties, so that you can practice your dancing and meet people with a similar passion for dancing. These social nights include medal exam nights, competitions and themed dance events.

Loads of fun and plenty of opportunity to gain experience on the dance floor, these are a must for anyone who wants to become adept at manoeuvring around the dance floor and for anyone who loves to dance.

Medal Exams

At Phoenix Dance Studio we teach to an internationally recognised standard.

All our exam candidates are judged by independent adjudicators from the Australian Dancing Society (ADS), thus ensuring impartiality and a high standard of judging.

Whilst medal exams are not compulsory, they are available to all our students who wish to participate, when you and your instructor feel you are ready for it.

Dance Parties

You’ve got to get up on the floor and use what you’ve been learning at some time. At Phoenix Dance Studio we hold regular dance parties so you can use your dancing in a safe and friendly environment. Our functions usually have a free group class beforehand to make sure that everyone is familiar with the specific dance style.


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