Group Classes for August 2015

What’s happening in the Phoenix Dance Studio Group Classes for August 2015? Click on the class that you are interested in for a quick preview and practice video.

Tuesday 7pm is Salsa with Adriano.

He will be looking at the wrap and roll (single and continuous), neck roll, pick off and hand to hand.

Wednesday 7pm is Quickstep with Tom.

He will be looking at locksteps, V6’s and fishtails.

Thursday 7pm is Jive with Maryna.

She will be looking at travelling basics, american spins, stop & go and change of places.

Friday 5:30pm is Beginners Salsa and Bachata with Miriam.

Get along to cover all the things that you need to know to be able to get on the dance floor with these two dance styles.

Saturday 11:30am is Mambo with Tom.

He will be looking at cucaracha variations including contra, open out and rolling.

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