Group Classes for March 2015

As always, we’ve got lots of different dance styles for you to learn. Don’t limit yourself to a single dance, get along to as many classes as you can to learn a range of them that will allow you to dance all night, wherever you are.

Tuesday Group

Tuesday at 7pm is always Salsa. Come along and put together a sweet little combo of moves while learning how to lead and follow properly.


Wednesday Group

On Wednesday at 7pm will be working on Slow Foxtrot. Focusing on the Feather Step and 3 Step and how to get around the floor.

Thursday Group

Thursday at 7pm you will be developing your Rumba technique by learning some simple patterns that will allow you to work on you movement and styling.


Saturday Group

On Saturday morning at 11:30 we will teach a couple of different rhythms for your Swing.

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