Paso Doble

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This one is fiery and passionate. Coming from Spain with strong influences from traditional dances such as Flamenco. The Paso Doble tells the story of the bullfight with man taking on the roll of the matador and the ladies movements reflecting how he shapes with the cape, the sword and the bull. The dancers command the attention of anyone watching with inner strength and poise as they display complex sequences of steps.

This is a visually exciting dance style but be warned, Paso Doble is not one for beginners. It requires balance, a good understanding of musical timing and sense of showmanship that usually only comes with time and experience. There’s not much of a gentle learning curve either, right from the start the combinations can be quite intricate. However, all these challenges are part of what makes the Paso Doble such an exciting and unique dance style that is defiantly worth the time put in to achieve the end result.

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