Salsa is definitely one of the most popular dances at Phoenix Dance Studio and in fact, one of the most popular dances anywhere in the world.

As with most dances, where Salsa comes from all depends on how far back into the mists of time you want to go. African rhythms, European influences of partners dancing, hot nights in the caribbean and the melting pot of cultures and music in the U.S.A. all left their mark on Salsa dancing even as it continued to evolve. Salsa dancing, as we know it today, grew into several different variations. Arguably the most popular and enduring ones around the world being New York, Cuban and L.A. Salsa. All these forms of Salsa use the same infectious rhythm and the same general rules to partner and move, so at Phoenix Dance Studio we incorporate elements of all three to make sure that you’ll feel confident enough in your Salsa dancing to get on any dance floor, any where and have a great time. In Melbourne you can see all of these Salsa variations at clubs, bars, festivals and dance studios all year round.

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