Salsa at Showcase Challenge 2014.

Each year, any student that’s feeling brave enough can put their name down for the Phoenix Dance Studio Showcase Challenge. Then just 5 weeks before they have to perform their uniquely choreographed routine in front of the studio and guests, we select the dance style at random!

It could be something that they feel pretty confident with or maybe a dance style that they have never even tried before, but either way Sarah and 8 other brave souls rose to the challenge and performed some fantastic routines.

This year the dances drawn were (in no particular order) English Tango, Salsa, Waltz, Swing, Rumba, Jive, Quickstep, Samba and Merengue.

This clip is of Sarah dancing Salsa with her instructor Adriano.

We’re proud of all the students and instructors who put in a ton of effort to present such entertaining routines in a very short space of time.

Check out our website for clips of the other dances.


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