Showcases Medals on Open Day

As well as everything else we had happening on 1st March (flashmob, open day, free group classes, dance party, latin music DJ and live drumming, I’m knackered just writing about the lot of it!) there were also a couple of performances of Bronze Showcases Medals on Open Day at the latin dance party.

Chanel danced an Argentine Tango to “Hey Gypsy Boy” by Jimi Hendrix. The unusual choice of music made for a very different style of movement and choreography than you would normally see in this style of dance. The idea to try it came from Chanel and we think that she danced brilliantly.

Lucy danced a Swing routine to “Hey Pachuco” by  The Royal Crown Revue. It’s fast and fun and is over much too quickly. Lucy really attacked this one with enthusiasm and energy and it’s great to see her dancing and performance skills getting better and better every time she gets up on the dance floor

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