This is one of our most popular and favourite dance styles at Phoenix Dance Studio. As with most dances, it doesn’t take long to get feel for the basics and enjoy the movement, but there are always more steps and combinations to learn, better poise and technique to master.

Every time that you change partner or change the music, the Tango feels different and new. Slow and intimate, fun and light, fast and passionate, or sexy and sinuous. Because the dance is so changeable, the Tango continues to be able to adapt to new fashions and musical tastes. Whilst it’s always wonderfully atmospheric to dance to an old crackly recording of piano, violin and bandoneon, there is a wealth of electronica, jazz, classical and pop music that can be used to dance Tango.

Tango has been around for over a hundred years but still feels fresh and new today. Originally a dance associated with the lower classes and poorer areas of Beunos Aires, Tango has been embraced as part of the Argentinean national identity and can be seen on stage, television and in movies around the world.

At Phoenix Dance Studio we teach two forms of Tango. Argentine Tango is the original style and is usually the one that’s meant when someone is talking about Tango. We also teach English Tango (sometimes called Ballroom Tango), which is a style that evolved from Argentine Tango and is a dance in its own right. Tango is such a huge part of Argentinean national identity that it was included in Unesco’s Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity.

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