The beautiful and elegant Waltz (sometimes called the Modern, or Slow Waltz to help distinguish it from the much faster Viennese Waltz) is the most poignant of the ballroom dances. Danced in slow three quarter time, it has a gentle, lilting rise and fall to it, as it turns and travels around filling up the entire dance floor.

As with the other ballroom dance styles, when the Waltz is done really well, it should look effortless and easy as it floats around the dance floor. The dancers will be working hard to make it stretch out with every step, staying together with their partner in perfect synchronisation through every pattern. As well as all of that, they have to make sure that their combinations don’t just move in time to the beat but express the musicality and soul of the piece that they’re dancing to.

A very romantic style, the Waltz has long been associated throughout Australia, Europe and America with the bride and grooms first dance at their wedding reception. Don’t feel that you have to be getting married to learn it though!

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