Dance Floor Etiquette

At Phoenix Dance Studio we have a pretty friendly  and considerate crowd of people. But every now and then, we get asked about what to do and how to behave at functions, group classes and practices. So here you go, a few simple things to keep in mind when dancing with a partner.

1. Remember you’re not the instructor.

When you are dancing with someone who is making some mistakes it’s tempting to correct them as you dance around the floor. If they ask for help, that’s one thing, but nothing is certain to make them trip up more than having  a partner pointing out everything that they are doing wrong. The best way that you can help them is to focus on your own dancing and be a good partner for them. If you are in a class, ask the instructor for help by saying something like “We are having a bit of trouble with this bit, can you have look at it?”

2. Look as fresh as possible.

Clean clothes? Showered in recent memory? Deodorant? Breath check? You’re going to be dancing in pretty close with a few different people. As a courtesy to them make sure that you are pleasant to be close in with. If you sweat a lot, that’s fine, you’re dancing and getting hot, but perhaps bring a towel, or excuse yourself to freshen up now and again.

3. Look around.

When you’re dancing, be aware of your surroundings. Yes, the gentlemen are leading, but ladies should have their dance floor radar switched on too. Also, remember that experience gives way to inexperience on the floor. If you have been dancing for some time then you should know several ways to manoeuvre around dancers who are still working on the basics, don’t plough through them just so you can show off that new combo that you’ve been working on.

4. Don’t be shy.

Men, stand up, walk over and ask her. It’s just a dance for goodness sake and you’re in a dance studio, it’s what everyone is there for. Ladies, there’s no reason that you can’t get up and ask the man for a dance, it’s not 1930. I assure you that so long as you are clear and polite it is incredibly unlikely that anyone will say no.

On the other side, if you are asked to dance and are going to say no, you’d better have a very good reason for it. At a dance venue it’s pretty impolite to turn someone down the first time that they ask you. So unless you’re injured or tired from having just been on the floor (in which case say so), get up on your feet and have a dance. It can often take a bit of courage to ask someone to dance, so respect that and say “Yes, thank you.”

So there you are, it’s not rocket science, just courtesy and respect for others. Happy dancing!

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