Group Classes for February 2015

We’ve got lots coming up at the studio. Get in to the group classes to get the most out your dancing.

 Wednesday Group Class

You are going to be dancing the Waltz. Focusing on different combinations from promenade position, how to get in and out of them and how to shape with your partner to make you look your best on the floor.

Thursday Group Class

To assist with our upcoming Flashmob, which will be built around the Samba, Thursday group classes in February will also be working on Samba.  Covering all the essentials that you need for a good Samba. Voltas, Bota Fogos and Samba Walks will  be developed throughout the month so that you can get to grips with this great rhythmical dance.

Saturday Group Class

All month the Saturday group class will be FREE for everyone.

With the Flashmob coming up on Sunday 1st March as part of the Bridge Rd. Global Gathering, the Saturday group classes throughout February will be used as practice sessions.

Remember, you don’t have to know Samba, you only haver to be excited about dancing!


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