Samba Flashmob

Sunday 1st March is Samba Flashmob day!

As part of the Bridge Road Global Gathering, Phoenix Dance Studio will be organising a samba flashmob to travel from Church St. to Richmond Town Hall and then later on from Cafe Niche to the studio.

You don’t have to be confident with your samba, or even have done any at all, to join in. All that’s needed is some excitement and enthusiasm for the event! Ask your friends if they want to join in too, the more the merrier. If you’ve ever watched a flashmob then you’ll know that bigger numbers really help it go off with a bang, so ask around.

To get ready, the Saturday morning group classes during February will be used to learn the routine and we will post clips on our YouTube channelĀ of the different sections for you to practice.

There will be lots of things happening on Bridge Rd. on the day as well so hang about, try some of the food and enjoy yourselves.

We’ll let you know more of the details as we get closer to the event.

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