I Love Bachata… now

Bachata is not a new dance, but it is definitely spreading its wings and becoming increasingly popular all over the globe. It’s been a hit for a while really so we have been slow jumping on with this one and I want to be honest here- I really couldn’t see much to like about it. All that sweating and grinding is fine for the club but I want a dance with rhythm and connection and musicality and a little something different that sets it a part from the other dances we do. The dance world has fads that change as quickly as celebs change their diets, so we are always choosy about what we offer, we are not the ones to show you twerking for your wedding dance just because it’s trending. We’re looking for authentic dances.

I have recently changed my mind about Bachata, I love it! It is sensual and rhythmical and intuitive, everything you’d expect from a great latin dance style. The more I dance Bachata the more I discover how much it stands apart from Salsa and other street dance styles and really compliments the dances we already teach. I want to share this YouTube clip with you, because when I came across it I realised I wasn’t the only one with hesitations about new wave Bachata… that said it is a great dance so don’t be put off by some of the “dog at a tree” versions of this dance, and give it a go.

Fundamentals Salsa and Bachata dance class 5.30 pm every Friday night at Phoenix


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