Salsa & Bachata Dance Party

8:00pm Saturday 13th June

Tickets $10

This is how we like to warm up on a cold winter night with some hot music and dancing straight from Latin America. Join us this June for a playlist set to get your feet tapping and your pulse racing… and I haven’t even mentioned the dancing yet! We are licensed, so bring your friends and have a drink with us.

Salsa dancing is extremely popular in Melbourne and all around the globe and has been for decades. It’s just such a great way to party! Music that won’t let you sit still. Strong latin rhythms. Sexy body movement. Fast spins. Plenty of hip shaking. Bachata is a more recent arrival on the scene but it is making a strong showing these days and looks like it will be around for a while so we are now including it in our general classes. Done well, this dance fills a gap that’s been missing in the Salsa set with a chance to slow things down and get a bit romantic.

Remember that we have a FREE group class running during May, 5:30pm Fridays especially for beginners in Salsa & Bachata. So get along and learn some skills that you can show off on the dance floor.

The feedback for the live music that we had at our last dance function has been incredibly positive, but we didn’t get much opportunity  to use our street latin styles. So, for our Salsa & Bachata Dance Party we will redress the balance, and be leaning heavily towards our street latin styles. No medals this time just a great evening of dancing and socialising.

During the Salsa & Bachata Dance Party we will be holding the dance styles draw for the entrants for our World of Dance Championship 2015. If you want to be involved then please get in touch or talk with your instructor right away so that you don’t miss out on the biggest dance event of the year…

salsa bachata party



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