Tango Dance Party 17th December 2016

Well it’s that time of year and everybody is having a party and we just couldn’t help joining in. This is going to be a big bish bash bosh mix up of all the things we like best.

We haven’t had the chance for a Milonga since we returned from Argentina so this is it. We’ll have a Tango lesson to get you warmed up and into it  and then we’ll play all our favourite tunes we brought back with us. We heard some fantastic live music while we were over there and brought all their music to share with you. I think it is also a good reason to buy Malbec so we’ll have some hearty red wine at the bar along with all the usual goodies. Bring a plate to share with your friends, if anyone knows how to make empanadas like they do in Argentina let me know and I’ll sit at your table.  Tom and I will also showcase a little of what we learnt while we were away, with an improvised Tango performance.

Tom won’t let christmas go by without a quiz so I’m going to inflict this on our dear patrons instead of having him ruin christmas day insisting we all do our homework and have our questions ready! Because he is also a really bad winner making him quiz master seems to work a treat. There’s prizes for the winning table of course.

From there we plan to party on with all the music that gets your feet tapping and your blood pumping from swing to salsa right down to the last waltz until we’re done.

Hope you can join us.

Musica Maestro!


WHAT: Tango Dance Party

WHERE: Phoenix Dance Studio

WHEN:17th December 2016 @8pm

COST: $20 Tickets at the studio, online or at the door.

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